Alaia for Water

Jewelry to Help Others

Alaia for Water is a fundraising effort by House of Alaia's designers to sustainably help raise money and awareness for Waves for Water non-profit organization through the sale of jewelry pieces specifically designed for this cause. Proceeds from the sale of these jewelry pieces will go to buy clean water filters.

Waves for Water's mission is "to get clean water to every single person who needs it." We have a huge amount of respect for what this organization has done and continues to do.

We have found that through the very personal medium of jewelry we have been able to touch people's lives and spread messages. It is our sincere hope that by selling these jewelry pieces for this fundraising effort, we are able to not only buy as many clean water filters as possible but also spread Waves for Water's message and mission.

Love and light,
Christy Feaver & Nea Hildebolt

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