A ring in its simplest form is a circle, which means ‘forever.’ Wedding Rings have been worn in many cultures. While the traditions may be slightly different, the sentiment and meaning to love, treasure and honour one another forever, remains much the same. The wedding ring was adorned in past times like it is presently, on the left hand, third finger. The reason being because of the strong-held belief that the vein in this finger moves at once from the heart. This notion was endorsed as ladies commenced wearing their wedding rings closer to their hand and then their engagement ring on that same hand – affirming this notion of it being so close to your heart.

House of Alaia has worked with many couples to create a unique piece to represent this union of love. Whether it is a promise ring, engagement ring or wedding bands, we would be honoured to be a part of this beautiful union and discuss planning these designs for you. Please feel free to email us for a consultation. info@houseofalaia.com

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