House of Alaia with "Beyond The Ordinary"

Consciousness-Expanding LIVE Interactive Transformational Webinars:

I discovered John Burgos and Beyond The Ordinary in their 6th Season during a very difficult time in my life.  I just felt very heavy, and was going through tumultuous emotions of anger and sadness about different things in my life.  One day I was working on my computer editing photos and wanted something to listen to and stumbled upon Beyond The Ordinary.  I was so moved and inspired and felt my vibration rising that I stopped my work and just listened.  I was brought to tears of joy and I have listened loyally ever since.  John Burgos is a visionary who has brought together an incredible panel of light-workers.  I highly encourage you to join and listen in as often as you can.  I find I always hear exactly what you need, exactly when I need it.  Replays are available for a week after each call if you are unable to tune in to the live call.  I find it amazing to listen to lying in bed before I sleep as there are almost always guided meditations or activations on the calls.  Click the image below to check it out and change your life for the better.

Instructions before listening:

Please select a meaningful and inspirational object, crystal, or piece of jewelry that you feel called to as being an important guide in your life on your personal journey at this time in your life. 

Together we are going to be clearing all energies that no longer serve you and your higher self from this sacred item, and receiving the energies and intention that WILL help you focus your intentions to benefit your higher self and the energies of those around you.

* The Energy Process (MP3) *

We are so grateful to John and his entire Beyond the Ordinary Team and his community for allowing us the space to be safe to share in.  We encourage you to join his community and listen to his line-up of incredible speakers, visionaries, healers, and way showers playing a huge role in raising the collective vibration.  

Read more about our dear friend John Burgos, the visionary who created this platform:

We believe that LOVE is enough, and that in everything we do we can always choose LOVE.  Thank YOU for being such incredible parts of our journey, YOU, our brothers and sisters.  We are grateful for you and send you our love.  In gratitude.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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