Our Story

Christy is from Tofino, British Columbia and I am from St. Louis, Missouri.  Our paths crossed serendipitously in Bali, Indonesia at a sushi restaurant in 2007.  We quickly realized that we had both been on the island in Kuta on the night of October 12, 2002, when two nightclubs were bombed and over 200 people were killed.  Christy and I both witnessed great heartache and tragedy that night, and we have done our best to use that pain as a platform for growth and inspiration to aim higher and higher with our lives.  Seeing firsthand how hearts devoid of love, compassion, and joy can destroy the lives of others, Christy and I have made it our lives' work to create beautiful wearable art as our jewelry to spread positive messages through symbols, words, healing crystals, and inspirations.   

After witnessing the bombings in Bali we both felt an immediate tie to the island and wanted to play active roles in the healing of Bali and its gracious, kind, generous, and deeply spiritual people.  Starting House of Alaia was a way for us to provide good jobs to some local artists, and help improve the economy of Bali in our own small way. The love and attention of our beautiful cohesive team of artisans goes into every single piece of our House of Alaia jewelry.  Our team is our family, and we put this energy into what we create, to share with our customers, who become a part of our webs of connections, our friends, and our extended family.

Each piece begins as a creative vision, then we sketch it out by hand.  Our amazingly skilled wax-carvers hand-carved our sketches into wax.  These waxes are processed through lost-wax casting techniques, then brought to life in our House of Alaia workshop through hand finishing, detailing, and creation.  These details give great depth to each piece, and small differences can serve as reminders that every single piece has been handled with care, love, and attention, and no two are exactly alike.  Bali holds a special place in the hearts of artists worldwide because procuring the arts is a vital part of the lifeblood of society here, and handmade art forms are treasured and preserved as acts of creation performed in the spirit of devotion to the creator.

Before we send each piece out to its owner, it receives a blessing of healing love, peace, and joy.  As artists and students of healing spiritual and energy medicine, Christy and I believe in infusing each finished piece with positive vibrations and healing energy, so that when people wear their pieces energy healing is experienced.  It is in this way that we sincerely hope people are touched by their jewelry and in turn spread love, peace, and joy to those around them.  Each one of us is capable of changing the world in a positive way, and we hope our jewelry serves as little reminders of this great power we all have.  With intention, together we believe can create a very beautiful world.

We invite you to connect with us and we thank you for being a part of our family.  We are all one.

May you be blessed,

Nea Hildebolt 

Inspiration behind House of Alaia Designs and the creative process

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