Connect to Your Power Animals by Wearing Them | Traveller's Coin Medallions

Power Animal Traveller's Coins

We have been students of energy medicine for many years, and there is something that speaks to us beyond language when it comes to communing with nature, and we both deeply resonate with Shamanic teachings and practices.  For us, our journeys have led us to re-connect on a conscious level with our Power Animals, and we wanted to create tangible medallions we could wear to act as tools when we seek to connect with them.  We know their energies are always available to us, but sometimes in the business of life, we get distracted, and when we wear these pieces and touch them, our attention is called back to our animals.  We all have the energies of certain animals with us, some always, some only for a short time to help us through passages of life.  


Power Bear

Power Bear

Power Bear Energies

standing in your own power and self-knowlege and confidence

Power Eagle

Power Eagle

Power Eagle Energies

the power of connection to spirit, and protection from negativity

Power Wolf

Power Wolf

Power Wolf Energies

leadership, the power of wisdom and new ideas, loyalty with independence

Power Unicorn

Power Unicorn Energies

Personal power for healing and miracles



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