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The Journey

"Now, as you embark on a new journey, I'd like to share this one piece of advice. Always, always remember that - adversity is not a detour. It is part of the path.

You will encounter obstacles. You will make mistakes. Be grateful for both. Your obstacles and mistakes will be your greatest teachers. And the only way to not make mistakes in this life is to do nothing, which is the biggest mistake of all. 

Your challenges, if you let them, will become your greatest allies. Mountains can crush or raise you, depending on which side of the mountain you choose to stand on. All history bears out that the great, those who have changed the world, have all suffered great challenges. And, more times than not it's precisely those challenges that, in God's time, lead to triumph.

Abhor victimhood. Denounce entitlement. Neither are gifts, rather cages to damn the soul. Everyone who has walked this earth is a victim of injustice. Everyone.

Most of all, do not be too quick to denounce your sufferings. The difficult road you are called to walk may, in fact be your only path to success.” 
― Richard Paul EvansA Winter Dream"

The Gathering of The Shamans Don Miguel Ruiz

The Gathering of The Shamans 2017


Christy and I spent April 7-9 in Sedona at the second annual Gathering of the Shamans Event at the exquisite Sedona Mago Retreat Center in the presence of people who are not only teachers and visionaries, but also embodiments of LOVE and LIGHT and everything they teach.  It was so humbling and magical to be in the presence of such wise human beings and feel the soul connection between them and the openness of their hearts to the 200+ attendees.  I felt only LOVE emenating from them, and the desire to help lift the veils of illusion for all of us so we see spirit within us and see how we are all connected...how we are all truly ONE.  I feel other's emotions quite intensely more and more, and the purity of what I felt from this group was incredible and touched me in ways that I feel will change the makeup of my life from the inside out.  The call to action now is to embody that LOVE and BE LOVE.  And be human at the same time, and accept ourselves and others without judgement.  We just have to do our best, and keep going.  Keep living and not be hard on ourselves when we have moments that appear to be less than elightened.  But keep coming back to the LOVE.  

Pictured above are Don Jose Ruiz, Meghan Gilroy, Don Miguel Ruiz, Linda Star Wolf, Dr. Steven Farmer, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. , HeatherAsh Amara, Pheonix Rising Star, and Gaya Jenkins.

We are in eternal gratitude for all of these teachers, and Randy Davila and Vicki Higgins.

Don Miguel Ruiz

Don Miguel Ruiz embodies LOVE more than anyone I have had the pleasure of meeing in my life.  He is an incredible story-teller, and through easy to read parables in The Four Agreements, Mastery of Love, and The Voice of Knowedge (and his many other books) he imparts practical wisdom to transform our lives and relationships.   

The LOVE Bunch

Each of the teachers this weekend carried precious wisdom forth in their own way.  Some of them are stalkers...some are dreamers...each style of teaching gave a different filter on the Toltec wisdom so that we could really experience it with our minds and our hearts and allow it to integrate with our spirits.  

Christy and Nea

Christy and I had the opportunity to walk off the grounds to a beautiful cave overlooking the magical Sedona landsacape...a reminder of the importance of tapping into the natural energies of the land.  Sometimes the best way to connect is to just touch the earth and be with her.


Gracing the gorgeous grounds of the Sedona Mago Retreat Center is an immaculate labarynth.  The setting makes you feel like you were touching spirit with every cell of your being.  Our friend, Paul shared a simple labaryth meditation with us that you could really do anywhere.  Select 3 rocks and set the intent that each rock represents a problem in your life that you want to solve, or something you have been holding onto that you want to let go of.  Walk the labaryth in silence, meditating on these things and how you have grown from them, and feel gratitude for them.  Leave them behind in the center of the labaryth, bless them as you do, and send them to the light.  Pick up three new stones there and meditate on what you want to bring into your life, what you want to manifest for the year.  Meditate on these in silence as you walk out of the labarynth, and feel gratitude in your heart.    


HeatherAsh Amara has given me one of the greatest gifts I have ever received in my life.  Through her inspirational and uplifting coaching, she helped me and 200 others sucessfully walk across hot coals to push the boundaries of what we thought we knew about what is possible in life.  I have found that in the year since se doing this, life's challenges look completely different now.  If we can walk on fire without getting burned, what else can we do that we thought we could not?  This has been fertile ground for the most incredible soul-growth for me.  

Power Animals

Connect to Your Power Animals by Wearing Them | Traveller's Coin Medallions

Power Animal Traveller's Coins

We have been students of energy medicine for many years, and there is something that speaks to us beyond language when it comes to communing with nature, and we both deeply resonate with Shamanic teachings and practices.  For us, our journeys have led us to re-connect on a conscious level with our Power Animals, and we wanted to create tangible medallions we could wear to act as tools when we seek to connect with them.  We know their energies are always available to us, but sometimes in the business of life, we get distracted, and when we wear these pieces and touch them, our attention is called back to our animals.  We all have the energies of certain animals with us, some always, some only for a short time to help us through passages of life.  


Power Bear

Power Bear

Power Bear Energies

standing in your own power and self-knowlege and confidence

Power Eagle

Power Eagle

Power Eagle Energies

the power of connection to spirit, and protection from negativity

Power Wolf

Power Wolf

Power Wolf Energies

leadership, the power of wisdom and new ideas, loyalty with independence

Power Unicorn

Power Unicorn Energies

Personal power for healing and miracles



House of Alaia on Beyond the Ordinary

Free Guided Meditation | Our Call With John Burgos on Beyond the Ordinary

I identify myself as an introvert.  I feel most comfortable behind the design table drawing and working with gemstones or writing.  Christy is much more extroverted, but she also values her privacy.  So when none other than John Burgos from Beyond the Ordinary reached out to us and invited us to get on a publicly broadcast call with him and his amazing audience, I was excited, honored, and a little bit scared.  We said Yes immediately though...a good example of pushing through the fear to the goodness that lies beyond.  

To put this in perspective, I have been listening to Beyond the Ordinary since Season 5 or 6...and it has become such a part of my life that I listen to John's calls and amazing speakers almost every day.  When there are no live calls I listen to replays.  I am always blown away by the relevance of the content to my life, and feel so grateful when John and his speakers explain the energies going on at any given time.  It always resonates so deeply.  One of my favorite parts of the calls are the activations and guided meditations.  I often listen to them before going to bed, and they often send me into orbit.  John's voice has been a constant in my life guiding me and uplifting me, so to be contacted by him and find myself on the other end of a call was just mind-blowing and such and honor.  Thank you Universe!

As small business-owners, Christy and I wear many hats so to get a chance to pause and tell our story on such a public platform and to explain why we are so passionate about what we do was beautiful.  She and I are both students of energy medicine and are very drawn to shamanic traditions.  Our collections of crystals and carvings are some of our most valuable possessions.  When we create jewelry we use symbols and words that have been helpful in our own journeys.  Especially in times of darkness, it is by wearing these symbols to focus our intentions and energies that has helped us push through to grow and rise up.  

Oftentimes Christy and I will be somewhere together and we will see someone and intuitively feel from their energies what they need in their lives at that point in time to progress on their journey.  We love gifting people with something they can wear and keep on their bodies as a tactile reminder to help them focus on what it is that they need.  Our jewelry acts as tools to help people focus their energies and intentions for their own self-empowerment and self-healing.  

Now that we have a website and are often reaching people that we do not meet in person, it is so important for us to be able to share the story of why we design and what we are creating, and how to use it.  We are so excited that John and his amazing team offered us this clip of the guided meditation Christy and I recorded on his call.   During the meditation we lead you through a process to cleanse, receive a message from, and charge your own crystal or piece of jewelry.  We invite you to try it with something special to you.  

Instructions before listening:

Please select a meaningful and inspirational object, crystal, or piece of jewelry that you feel called to as being an important guide in your life on your personal journey at this time in your life. 

Together we are going to be clearing all energies that no longer serve you and your higher self from this sacred item, and receiving the energies and intention that WILL help you focus your intentions to benefit your higher self and the energies of those around you.



We are so grateful to John and his entire Beyond the Ordinary Team and his community for allowing us the space to be safe to share in.  We encourage you to join his community and listen to his line-up of incredible speakers, visionaries, healers, and way showers playing a huge role in raising the collective vibration.  


Click here to read more about our dear friend John Burgos, the visionary who created this platform:


We believe that LOVE is enough, and that in everything we do we can always choose LOVE.  Thank YOU for being such incredible parts of our journey, YOU, our brothers and sisters.  We are grateful for you and send you our love.  In gratitude.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Handcarving Waxes

Behind the Scenes | A Look Into How Our Jewelry Is Made | Wax-carving to Finished Pieces

Sometimes I forget that it is easy to take for granted how easy or difficult something is to create when we see a finished product.  Especially today in a world where so many things are machined to perfection and pumped out by the thousands we can forget that someone had to bring every thing that exists into their mind, convey it to the world somehow, and make it 3-D to share.  There is a story behind every object.  Every single one.  It is easy to forget that.  

In the process of de-cluttering my life and my home, I was told about a Japanese theory behind how to choose what to keep and what to throw away.  If you hold an object in your hand and it brings you joy, then you should keep it.  If it does not, you should give it away.  I hope that the jewelry we make brings you joy.  I hope that us sharing a little bit about how it is made makes that joy even deeper.

I am going to start this story with a collection we worked on called the "Seaside Diaries."  They are little book pendants, with inspiring quotes on the insides and sea-inspired images on the outsides.  Christy and I spent several afternoons looking for just the right quotes and images.  Once we had chosen them, we started sketching.

Seaside Diaries Sketches

Seaside Diaries Sketches

The next step was to work with our amazing wax carvers who patiently carved these sketches into wax by hand.  Ketut and Agus have been with us for 6 years and they are true artists and always have smiles on their faces.  Both are from Bali.

Ketut Carving the Seaside Diaries    Seaside Diaries Waxes

After the waxes were finished and we did a few spell checks the waxes were ready to go to our master maker (Indonesian sounds exactly the way it is spelled but English...not so much.  Sometimes Ketut and Agus read the words, then carve them from memory and we get some wonderfully creative spellings).

The process of taking a wax to finished piece looks a bit like this:

Waxes go into a plaster-like material that hardens, then the wax is melted out.  Molten silver is shot into the plaster negative and a silver master is created exactly like the wax. After that we get the silver master to polish down and check and to see if anything got left out during the process.  Sometimes letters disappear, and if, as often happens in Bali, a power outage happened at the exact time the plaster was setting, well, we have to start all over.  It happens. We laugh about it.  We move on.  It takes time.  Living in Bali teaches western-trained minds a lot of patience.  

When we get a good silver master we polish it and then send it back to our mold-makers who pour a rubber mold around our master.  The rubber mold is then used to shoot waxes into.  You can shoot hundreds of waxes into the same rubber mold until it wears out.  The waxes are stacked together to make a wax-tree.  Plaster is poured around it and it goes into the oven where the wax is melted out, and again liquid silver is shot into the negative spaces.  After a long process, a sterling silver tree of little pendants is formed, and the plaster is removed.  The pendants are cut off the tree and they get sent over to our workshop.

We polish the pendants one by one, oxidize the words with liver of sulfur, and clean up the silver for final finishing.  We slide in some chain, assemble the lock, and voila.  

Dandelion Seaside Diary             Dandelion Seaside Diary Inside

Our wonderful team in our office Dewi, Lina, Abi, and Udi quality control check for us before Christy and I take a final look and then they help us package and tag each necklace.  Christy and I like to get each piece into our hands and give them some special loving energy before they go out into the world.  Sometimes that happens in Bali and other times it happens in Tofino or St. Louis where we are also based.  We have to travel a lot to make our business work and spread the word, but our Bali-based team of angels is always there to support us.  Here they are below.  We love them a lot and we couldn't do this without them.

HOA Bali Team

Lotus Earrings

Lotus Earrings - The Story Behind the Design - Finding Peace

Large Lotus Flower Earrings

Recently I have been thinking a lot about why I make jewelry.  Sometimes it feels like such a materialistic pursuit and career, and I have days when I struggle with that.  I have days when the weight of my choices and the weight of the choices of the world feels like it is weighing down upon me and I am crushed under it, unable to breathe or find relief.  But then I come back to center and remind myself that I started creating jewelry because I love sharing something personal that I have created from my heart with others.  I have loved doing it since I was a little girl.  Birthdays and holidays came and all I really wanted to give my friends and family were things I had made.  I started out beading, and when I put love and creative energy into a piece I was making, no matter how it turned out, it brought me great joy, and I hoped it would bring it's receiver that same joy. I knew I was putting love into something that I was going to be able to share, and I loved that.

When Christy and I started House of Alaia it was somewhat of a side-project for both of us.  It was born in a place of heart but also a place of pain.  We were both transitioning.  I had been doing a lot of production work for other people and it was emotionally and spiritually draining.  I really needed to get back to myself.  So Christy and I spent a few afternoons talking about symbolism, and what resonated with us.

One of the first symbols we used was the LOTUS.  The lotus flower symbolizes overcoming difficulties to find peace.  Living in Bali, the lotus flower grows everywhere, and it is a very important symbol in the Hindu tradition, as it is in most eastern spiritual philosophies.  Lotus flowers begin as seeds in muddy waters.  The stem grows up through the dark, cloudy water and eventually makes it through and the bud rises up above the surface of the water.  Once it has risen above the surface, only then does it bloom.  It remains rooted in the mud, but an immaculate bloom reveals itself suspended above the water's surface, free. 

In eastern philosophies the muddy waters symbolize the material world.  The growth of a lotus flower symbolizes the growth of a human spirit.  One's spirit is nurtured and challenged by life and the material world, and then grows strong because of one's struggles in the world.  Spirit is then able to rise up above suffering to become free.  It remains connected to and able to see that suffering is actually a great source of strength and creation.

I suffer from depression often, and it is the lotus flower symbol which brings me back to myself, brings me back from the darkness, and reminds me that even the darkness is a part of myself, a part of the world, a part of spirit that I can love.  It helps me grow.  

The lotus flower collection arose from this relationship I have with myself and with spirit, and the profound peace brought to me whenever I am reminded of the journey of the lotus flower. 

In beauty may we all walk,


Always Do Your Best

Always Do Your Best: today's agreement for our California jewelry journey

Always Do Your Best The Four Agreements

Christy and I made the Reminder Bracelets in part so that we could wear them ourselves and that would help us live the wisdom from the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  Each day one of the agreements seems to jump out more than the others, and it is constantly changing and evolving, just as our own journeys change and evolve.

The Four Agreements

Right now we are in the midst of a three-week soul-journey for our business.  We are making a lot of sacrifices to be on this trip, and it seems the greater our sacrifices, the greater the depth of the experiences and opportunities we are having.  Sometimes running your own business is incredible and expansive, and some days it can feel difficult like it is crushing you.  When you are creating something from nothing, you have to wear a lot of hats and the process can be like a juggling act.  Throw in life on top of that and mix it in with the unpredictability of every day and outside forces, and the journey can seem a lot like a roller coaster.  

Not so long ago I wasn't sure if I could keep juggling it all.  And I asked the question, "How do you know when to keep going, to push a little harder and farther, and when to just stop and walk away?"  It was not an easy question to ask.  And the answer?  "Are you passionate about what you are doing?  Do you love it?  If yes, then keep pushing.  If no, then stop and walk away."  

Don Miguel Ruiz The Four Agreements

I do love what we do, and I love what we create.  Christy and I are using jewelry as our medium to reach the world and spread our messages.  Our messages are our truths... sharing how we see the world.  We are on a creative journey of expression and exploration on how to achieve our own body-mind-spirit balance.  As we search we share our findings through our jewelry.  We share our stories through what we create. 

Often we find ourselves in Bali behind a sketchbook and a table full of gemstones for days on end and then switching to sitting behind a computer screen for weeks on end.  When we look up from our designing dream, however, we see the world around us busy and evolving at stunning speeds.  And then we start to wonder...are we moving fast enough?

Nea, Christy, and Don Miguel Ruiz

We are nature girls at heart, so flying to the United States and starting off our trip in a concrete parking garage outside the San Francisco airport made us feel a bit out of our element.  Lately I have taken to wearing nothing but flip-flops in Bali and some days I leave the house with nothing on at all.  We both do.  There is something about putting your feet on the bare earth and letting the energy of mother nature ground you down that helps me get through the days without feeling overwhelmed or out of control.  These days with technology changing life so fast, I feel like I can hardly keep up.  Dropping into the United States after being in Bali drives that home.  I feel like I blink and there are new updates that I need to figure out how to install on my phone, then I blink again and realize my device seems like an antique.  I have an Iphone 4.  I'm wondering if I should be putting that into a museum and joining 2016 with an upgrade.  Then I look down and realize I have forgotten my flipflops at the last restaurant I went into and don't even have shoes on...

But I don't feel bad about that.  I don't even feel like I really need to catch up all that much.  I believe I am taking care of a lot of the important things in life and when I let go and surrender to the fact that I just might not be as fast as the rest of the technological whirlwind spinning around me, I feel good.  Because I know that I cannot measure myself against others to ascertain my own self-worth.  To feel good, I just have to be me, and Always Do My Best.

And I am.  We are.  

When I acknowledge that, I feel centered.

It's like the real me is at the center of a tornado.  I am that calm clear center, I belong to nothing, and nothing belongs to me.  All of the labels, the things, the colors of life that make up who I appear to be externally are whirring around in the winds all around me.  

My power is not in the winds that surround me, but within the true me at the center.  There, when I connect to mother earth, to father sky, when I connect to source...creativity flows like a river.  And when it flows, it speaks my truth.  

And today, as we connected to nature, barefoot on the beach in California, we knew it.  Today we are doing our best.  We expect that much of ourselves in this journey, and today we are doing it, no matter the speed we are going.  

The Four Agreements Reminder Bracelets

Core Power Yoga Jewelry

House of Alaia for Core Power Yoga

Core Power Jewelry

We are so ecstatic to announce that most Core Power Yoga Studios in the USA will be carrying our brand. We are thrilled to be able to spread love and inspiration through the medium of jewelry and to have such a special way of reaching others.

The Four Agreements Reminder Bracelets

House of Alaia for The Four Agreements

kindness bracelets by House of Alaia

Reminders of kind ways to live our lives...

Reminders of kind ways to live our lives, with loving kindness, compassion, equanimity, sympathetic joy...with gratitude for the Buddha and the Buddha nature within all our hearts...unconditional love.

Travellers Coins

Traveller's Coins to inspire your journey

Traveller's Coins to inspire your journey whether it be around the world or through your day...serving as reminders of the power and love we have within our own hearts when we reach inside.

Travellers Coins
peace bracelet by Christy Feaver

HOA is Expanding to the European Market

Super happy to announce we are now selling our jewelry in the European market. Believe in your dreams, they do come true. We are starting in Holland and if anyone has any inquires for sales in Europe these guys will be out contact and distributors www.smukkespullen.nl @neahildebolt

peace bracelet by Christy Feaver

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